Support for Parents

Parents can be left feeling hopeless and not knowing where to turn. Children & young people who are struggling with anxiety or depression may be withdrawing, spending more time in their rooms and shutting themselves off from the world. Your child may be experiencing difficulties managing change or a significant life event, you find yourself on the receiving end of their anger and frustration.

We can offer a supportive space to reflect, make sense of and find different solutions to supporting your son or daughter.

Laura and Jack. They called Coral to ask for help for their son Jack. In that telephone conversation they realised that they needed more support. They were aware that something different needed to happen and maybe they were part of the solution. Jack and Laura took part in six sessions with other parents to learn about communication and boundaries. They discovered the power of the pause, to wait, to calm themselves first. When they did this in the pasture, the horses approached them.

Laura and Jack applied this at home with Jack during an argument about the time he spends on his mobile phone. They were about to act from frustration and confiscate his phone. They remembered to step back and pause, to get calm first. Laura said to her son ‘We can see you are angry and this matters to you. We will talk about this tomorrow when we all calm’.

Learning to step back when Jack was heightened was a significant step to improving the relationship with their son. Therapy gave Jack a space for him to be. He learnt how to connect with a horse and find ways to develop a relationship with the horse based on trust. Jack’s relationship with his parents improved.

We are planning to run a series of sessions for parents in spring 2021. Get in touch to let us know if you are interested.