Equine Therapy offers hope through connection with horses – a team approach to change lives 

Horses are highly sensitive. We help people to work through their life struggles like depression or anxiety by interacting with horses in this unique form of animal therapy.

The uncertainty around returning to a normal life after Covid-19 can cause fear and anxiety. Trying to keep positive when feeling overwhelmed can take its toll. Experiences which impact our mental health and wellbeing leave a residue, affecting our moods, sleep and relationships.

Making time for yourself allows you to re-evaluate a situation or problem. We can offer you the space to be you with equine assisted therapy at our centre in Cumbria.

In a safe and supportive environment, we can help you to see the bigger picture and find your own solutions to move forward. Take the time and space to reconnect to you.

Children & Young People

Children show their stress and anxiety through behaviours which can be hard to understand. Aggression and defiance can end up in repeated arguments with no solution. A child therapist can help your situation. At Changeways we offer psychotherapy for adults, families, children and adolescents with the help of horses.

Equine assisted child therapy sessions are held weekly or fortnightly and last for up to one hour. Longer sessions are available. The Eagala Model is ground-based equine therapy and does not involve riding. You don’t need any previous experience with horses.



Equine Assisted Therapy for Adults

Are you struggling with overwhelming emotions and feeling stressed out in life? Do you keep repeating the same patterns in relationship that leave you feeling stuck? Recognising there is a problem is the first step in finding solutions which improve mental health.



Equine Therapy for Parents

Children & young people who are struggling with anxiety or depression may withdraw to their rooms and shut themselves off from the world. This can leave parents feeling hopeless, not knowing where to turn.

Your child may find it hard to cope with things like bullying or a family event like a divorce. You can be on the receiving end of their anger and frustration, and punishment is not working.

We can offer a supportive space to reflect, helping to make sense of the situation, and find solutions to help your son or daughter.



We offer Equine Assisted Supervision to professionals who work with children, adolescents, adults and parents. Are you part of a team involving horses or animals in your work? Are you looking for a creative approach to clinical supervision as a therapist? It can help you to uncover blind spots, build skills and develop self-confidence in your approach.


Equine Therapy for Team Development

Are you struggling with colleagues? Finding that meetings go round in circles without reaching a solution?  We can help by providing a team experience where you improve communication and build relationships.



Our team at Changeways are Eagala certified.

Eagala uses a unique team approach of equal partners which includes yourself. It involves movement, physical activity and relationship-building with horse therapy. This is the world’s largest and most professionally respected organisation for psychotherapy involving horses. Find out more www.eagala.org


What is the Eagala Model? from Eagala on Vimeo.

Changeways Team

Coral Harrison

Coral Harrison

Child & Adult Psychotherapist

Coral has been working with children & adults since 2001. She has significant experience of working with trauma and neglect. Coral has worked with school, residential care and in private practice. She is passionate about changing outcomes for children and adults who have experienced adversity.

Olivia Drinkwater

Olivia Drinkwater

Equine Specialist

Olivia is a certified EAGALA practitioner. She has an HND in equine studies, BHSAI (level 3 in complete horsemanship) and over 20 years experience of owning and working with horses.