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Coral Harrison at ChangeWays

What is therapy with horses and how can it help? In this podcast series, Coral Harrison, owner of and psychotherapist at ChangeWays, provides information on this unique therapy. You will listen to Coral as she talks with Eva about how equine assisted psychotherapy can help adults, children and adolescents.

Find out what therapy with horses is, what happens when you meet Coral and her team and how this unique therapy can help you overcome issues such as depression or anxiety.

In the second episode Coral and Eva talk about why children and adolescents might need therapy, how equine assisted therapy can help and understand a little bit about how overwhelming events create stress in our brains and bodies. They discuss how equine therapy can help children and young people gain confidence, develop trust in others and understand how their behaviour influences people around them. 

In subsequent podcasts Coral and Eva will explore more around therapy with horses. It is a journey of discovery to show what goes on during therapy sessions, the principles of the Eagala Model which is the foundation for the approach Coral uses, as well as hearing how this therapy has helped people – young and old.

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