Therapy for Adults

Are you struggling with overwhelming emotions and feeling stressed out in life? 

Do you keep repeating the same patterns in relationship that live you feeling stuck?

Recognising the problem is the first step in finding a solution. Through this team approach, you gain clarity into what’s not working in your life, and create opportunities through the horses to try out new ways.

Horses offer unique opportunities for you to discover inner strength.  They are large and powerful and it’s hard to ignore their presence, much like a seemingly impossible life issue you may have experienced.  Because horses are highly sensitive, and survive by paying close attention to their environment, they respond to the feeling state and body language we express. You have to work to connect with a horse.

Connection with a horse

Simply being in the presence of the horses can open you to deeper healing. There is a natural unfolding that occurs as you are free to explore, think, and listen with yourself for clues that offer insight. Unlock your innate ability to find your own solutions and regain control of your life.

Horses can reflect back to us things that we otherwise don’t see in ourselves or in our lives.

Children & Young People

Children show their stress through behaviours that are often hard to make sense of. Aggression and defiance can end up in repeated arguments with no solution. Parents may be left feeling hopeless and not knowing where to turn. Young people who are struggling with anxiety or depression may be withdrawing, spending more time in their rooms and shutting themselves off from the world.

Horses and child

Sessions offer a non-judgemental space for children to be themselves. The sessions involve experiences with horses that help young people identify their feelings.Horses have a special ability to help children work through emotional and behavioural barriers without shame or stigma. By nature, horses do not judge or interpret.

Adam’s Story

Adam came to see us because he was struggling with relationships at school often getting into fights ending in consequences such as detentions. In our sessions he was able to explore, through his interactions with horses, his feelings of being different & not fitting in. The sessions gave Adam the experience of being accepted as he is.

The horses responded to him, being interested in him and curious. Adam was able to show his caring and sensitive side. Physical contact and movement helped Adam to feel calmer, giving him more space to think and find his own solutions.

We work with children from the age of 5 upwards. Contact us now to find out more. 

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